What is BGEM? 

BGEM™ is a music generator. It is designed to provide you with seamless, natural, and refreshing background music that you can listen to anytime in your daily life.

BGEM is completely royalty-free, and intended for a wide variety of environments and activities that you may find yourself doing on a day to day basis.

How do I use BGEM?

Simply turn it on anytime, anywhere you feel appropriate. Whether you’re sleeping, working out, having dinner, or traveling, BGEM will give you the perfect soundtrack especially suited for those moments.

You can also play it wherever it pleases you, whether it’s at coffee shops, restaurants, yoga studios, or even simply waiting in a hotel lobby.

If you are a creator, you might want to try using it as background music for your video content or exhibition - or perhaps listen to it during a brainstorming session to spark your imagination.



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gavin [at] bgem.me



Active #bpm128
Mellow #bpm84
Energetic #bpm110
Deep #bpm52
Chill #bpm100
Groovy #bpm102




Gavin Kwon


Born in Seoul, South Korea, Gavin studied Musicology (BA) and Cultural Anthropology (MA).

He has worked on various media projects such as films, TV series, theater productions, and animations since 2003.

Now based in Los Angeles, he is working to create a new value with a startup that provides never before seen cultural content.


Key Lukin

CODER/UX Designer

Based in Saint Petersburg, Russia, Key has been working in many areas including marketing, design and development.

Following his passion, he has released more than a dozen of applications and products.

Recently, he has self-published a schedule management application for iOS, Rootines.




How does BGEM work?

Modern songs, in general, consist of individual music elements such as instruments, vocal, or sound effects.

We group them in a patent-pending unique way, then assemble them in real time to create new music that is unexpected, whimsical, but just as cool as other popular songs.

The more we expand our music database, the more you will experience original brand-new stream of music with BGEM.

Can I participate as a musician?

We are excited to collaborate with you.

If you are experienced in music production, joining our project will be fun, and super simple. There are only a few simple guidelines as explained in the video below. If your work fits our musical concept, we will add your track to our database.

Within 48 hours, the audience will listen to your musical ideas, automatically remixed and re-interpreted by our algorithm.

Plus, we will put your profile on our app.

Ask us more questions!


Let’s collaborate!


Simple Rules >>

1. Fixed BPM, Fixed number of bars

Please keep in mind when producing that the BPM for each of the genres is strictly fixed.
Dance 128 / Trance 138 / Focus 84 / Rhythmic 110 / Meditation 52 / Lounge 100 / Hip-Hop 102 / Disco 118

Please make sure you finish your musical story in 64 bars. Track length is fixed as 64-bars-long, regardless of the genres.
Dance 2:00 / Trance 1:52 / Focus 3:03 / Rhythmic 2:20 / Meditation 4:56 / Lounge 2:34 / Hip-Hop 2:31 / Disco 2:11

Here’s an example. Check out the 64 measures!

2. Must be original

Your track has to be your original work. No copyrighted materials or existing songs, unless open or purchased sources.

3. Should be fully arranged

Even though your track will be automatically re-assembled into our algorithm, your track has to be fully arranged in terms of instrumental arrangement, rather than just a single track of instrument.

Here’s an example. Drums, bass, EP, synth: it a full arrangement.

4. Please do not over-compress

When finally exporting your track, please don’t over-compress and over-amplify to be as loud as possible. The ideal output should be, naturally, around -5db to -1db.

Here’s a bad example (Caution: Loud music).

5. Send us the link first!

Share your audio link with us first! We will follow up with you about how to put your track into our database. Please email us at gavin[at]bgem.me, or simply click the ‘Share Link’ button on the top menu of our app.